martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

August 15, Monday (DAY 2)

I felt a little bit more thin when I woke up so, I looked at the mirror but I didn't look thinner, so i dicided that i'll eat less than yesterday, so, in the day i ate this:

-1/4 glass of milk: 23 cal

-10 gr peanuts:60 cal
-2 Potato omelett: 670 cal ----(BAD IDEA)---
-Pear: 53 cal ( - threwed up)

Total: 806 cal

After my dinner, ( 1 pear) i looked at all the calories a ate that day and felt SOO BAD that i went to the bathroom and put my fingers on my mouth, i just first started whith my y tiith brush but i felt more comfortable whit my fingers, so, i can't say it was easy and tears started to run down my eyebows (yep, eyebrows, cuz i was with my head in the toilet) and then i started to feel the food in my throat, i almost give up and i standed up , but then i thought, "I've got so far" so i put my head in the toilet again and put my fingers in my mouth, was happy when i saw food coming out of my mouth and it wasn't as horrible as i thought it would be, but when i was in the middle, my monm entered to my room and knock the bathroom door, she opened i and saw me on the toilet, so i told her i was feeling bad and i felt like threwin up, she believed me and put me in the bed. When she left i was like, "I can't believe i did this, i feel so good."

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